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    10 Tips To Make Packing Easier

    Temple University August 2017 Move-In will be here before you know it! Packing up to live on campus can be overwhelming but below are some tips to help.

    1. Change of Address

    © Temple University

    Is there anything you’ll need sent to your residence hall instead of your home address? Things like: Amazon Prime, magazine subscriptions, food delivery apps, etc.

    2. Pack Ahead of Time

    © Temple University

    Pack up things you know you won’t need during the summer. Put those winter coats, extra towels and bed sheets, and school supplies in storage bins/moving boxes as soon as possible! It’ll save you time and stress later.

    3. Designate a Packing Area in Your Home

    © Temple University

    Determine a spot in your home where you can start neatly piling up your boxes. This will keep things out of the way, especially with the boxes you’ve packed ahead of time.

    4. Color Code and Label Your Boxes/Containers

    © Temple University

    Make sure everything is clearly labeled – tops and sides and use color packing tape for a quick reference of what is inside. Label and color coordinate boxes by what area of your room, suite, or apartment they will go in so you know where to stack them when you get to your new place.

    5. Packing Heavy Items

    © Temple University

    Did you know that larger boxes are for lighter items like bed linens and smaller boxes are for heavier items like books? Pack heavy items in smaller boxes to make it easier to manage. Don’t make the box heavier than you can safely carry!

    6. Protective Packaging

    © Temple University

    Don’t forget the bubble wrap and moving blankets for your delicate or breakable items.

    7. Electronic Cords

    © Temple University

    Wrap up all your cords neatly with twist ties and it can't hurt to label them as well. Don’t let them turn into a tangled mess during the move!

    8. Tape Down Your Items

    © Temple University

    Tape down anything that could spring open during move-in such as lids or drawers. Tape down lids on personal care items like lotion and shampoo to keep them from spilling out.

    9. Fill Up the boxes

    © Temple University

    Make sure you are fully packing each box – items that move around inside the box are more likely to be damaged or break.

    10. “Open First” Box or Overnight Bag

    © Temple University

    This is useful if you are moving into a large suite or apartment on campus. Have a box or bag ready with things you may need right away – linens for your bed, change of clothes, personal care items, phone charger, etc.

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