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10 Things To Expect During Move-In

Having a little move-in anxiety? Totally understandable if so! Check out this list so you can be prepared for Temple University August 2017 Move-In:

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1. Meningitis Vaccine Compliance

© Temple University

In order to move into your Temple University residence hall, you must be compliant with the Pennsylvania State Law regarding the Meningitis Vaccine. This means you either received the vaccine or you signed a waiver. You won’t be able to have access to your room otherwise.

2. Move-In Help

© Temple University

It's a good idea to bring family and friends to help you move into your new home. If possible, bring at least 2 other people. At minimum, you'll need someone to go park the car, another person to wait with the belongings on the sidewalk in front of your residence hall, and a third person to check out a cart.

4. Tents for Weather Protection

© Temple University

It's usually blazing hot in August in Philly so we've put up white tents along the residence halls for students and their families to unload belongings. (And don't forget personal sun protection like sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen!) But it has also rained during move-in in years past so make sure you check the weather for your specific move-in date.

5. FREE Cart Rental!

© Temple University

We will have carts available for students to check out using their Temple University ID, driver's license, or state ID. There's a limited quantity of carts and you may have to wait for one to become available.

6. Please Be Patient

© Temple University

We've got 5,000+ students moving in over a few days time. At times there will be lines to get into the building, to check in, to use an elevator, or to check out a cart. We'll work as quickly as we can keep the lines moving.

7. Bring Water

© Temple University

Make sure you bring enough water (and snacks!) You won't want to get dehydrated or too hungry during the move in process. Move in is a lot of work and it'll most likely be really hot outside too! Stay as comfortable as possible.

8. Room Condition Report (RCR)

© Temple University

During check-in you'll receive an RCR which details the condition of your room. You'll need to complete the RCR and return to Residential Life Staff.

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