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Twelve Essential Checklists When Going On A Business Trip

Business trips are inevitable in some lines of work. Whether you're traveling for meetings, going to inspect sites or locations or simply going on a corporate retreat, there are a few things that must accompany you. Desert Safari Dubai

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1. Snacks and entertainment

For food lovers, this has to be first on the list. Meals on business trips are usually expensed. But you don't want to limit yourself to that. Pack a few healthy snacks to keep hunger at bay. Pack an external hard drive so you can keep yourself occupied with your favorite movie or show during the trip.

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2. First Aid Kit

Your health is of utmost importance and should always be a priority. Pack a portable first aid kit and if you're traveling to a foreign country, get the necessary vaccinations before jetting off.

3. Breath spray or gum

You want to keep your breath fresh after hours on a plane or bus. Especially if you are heading to a meeting immediately. So pack a breath spray and mints.

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4. Chargers and a travel adapter

It's undeniable that a lot of us rely on our gadgets to keep us abreast of things that are happening around us or keep us updated on tasks we have.

You can't do that if your phone or tab is dead and worrying about low battery power won't leave you in good shape for your meeting or retreat. Make sure you pack the right chargers and smartphone cables for your devices and invest in an adapter with USB ports for convenience

5. A battery/power pack

You want to keep your phones, Tablet, and Laptop from going off, so you don't get stranded in a strange place and no help available. Get a portable external power pack and make sure your power pack is fully charged before you take off.


Facial wipes aren't just for cleaning off makeup. When you've spent hours traveling on a plane or bus and napped for some of those hours you wouldn't want to arrive at your meeting bleary-eyed and oily. Freshen up your face with wipes

7.Sleep mask and headphones

Sleep is essential when you're traveling for work. You may not have time to fit it in before your big meeting. So slide on noise canceling headphones and a sleep mask for a fitful undisturbed nap.

8. A Reliable carry on

Packing light is an important skill to have. You may be tempted to try to fit everything you would need into your carry-on. Don't. Pack and travel light. Get a lightweight carry-on and stuff it in the overhead compartment for easy access.

9. Toiletry bag

A portable bag to fit in your toothbrush, toothpaste and whatever you may need.

10. Packing cubes

Invest in a set of packing cubes to keep your things organized for the duration of your trip. They also conserve space in your carry on.

11. Moisturiser

Don't forget to pack a bottle of this. It is a necessity if you want to stay fresh during and after your trip. The moisturize could be miniature or travel sized so that it won't take up space in your carry on


You don't want to be fumbling around for a pen when a great idea suddenly hits while you are on the plane. Pack up a pen or two, some envelopes and a notebook. They may not seem necessary right up until you need them.

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