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11 High-Tech Things We Want In Our Dream Homes

Home is where the high tech is.

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1. A voice-controlled hot tub with a bath bomb vending machine.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Hot tubs are awesome. Voice-controlled hot tubs are even better. Voice-controlled hot tubs with bath bomb vending machines are the key to happiness.

2. Massagers built into all chairs and couches.

You've heard about lumbar support; now get ready for...a personal massage therapist inside your freaking furniture.

3. An elaborate sundae-making contraption.

Just load up your favorite flavors, sauces, and toppings and enjoy one hell of a whimsical, energy-efficient dessert.

4. A closet that automatically folds and sorts laundry.

Once you've got the clean clothes, throw them in the closet and let it do its magic. There's even an alert for when a sock is missing from a pair!

5. A smart robot that tucks you into bed. / Via

It knows just how you like the covers and pillows, will turn the lights off for you, and can read you an optional bedtime story. Guaranteed will not revolt against you in the eventual robot uprising.

6. A time-controlled shower.


No more standing there naked with one hand in the shower waiting for it to get to the right temp; this shower is controlled by your alarm and will be ready for you before you even get in the bathroom.

7. A bedside table that brews you fresh coffee.

BuzzFeed Blue / Via

If you're one of the millions of people who cannot be actual people without their morning coffee, this chic nightstand turns into a morning savior.

8. A fridge that detects and discards your spoiled food.

Gone are the days of looking for something good to eat at midnight and happening upon that box of strawberries you bought like 10 years ago.

9. A voice-activated internet search history deleter.

NBC / Via

Someone grab your laptop to show you something real quick and you know that a number of weird things could show up? Simply say your customized word at the computer and boom! History cleared.

10. A self-cleaning toilet, shower, and bathtub.

Comedy Central / Via

It knows that no human enjoys getting inches away from the filthy grime in a toilet or a tub — so it takes care of that for you.

11. A smart pillow that has soft speakers inside.

Surround sound for your calming nature sounds and a built-in alarm clock that gently eases you out of your dreams...

The future is not too far away, and thanks to TELUS PureFibre internet, we’re one step closer to having our dreams become a reality.