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11 High-Tech Things We Want In Our Dream Homes

Home is where the high tech is.

1. A voice-controlled hot tub with a bath bomb vending machine.

2. Massagers built into all chairs and couches.

3. An elaborate sundae-making contraption.

4. A closet that automatically folds and sorts laundry.

5. A smart robot that tucks you into bed.

6. A time-controlled shower.

7. A bedside table that brews you fresh coffee.

8. A fridge that detects and discards your spoiled food.

9. A voice-activated internet search history deleter.

10. A self-cleaning toilet, shower, and bathtub.

11. A smart pillow that has soft speakers inside.

The future is not too far away, and thanks to TELUS PureFibre internet, we’re one step closer to having our dreams become a reality.