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13 Times Social Media Restored Your Faith In Humanity

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1. When this guide dog saved his owner's life, and the internet came together to save the dog's life:

2. When let you donate rice to the hungry while testing your vocabulary.

3. When this couple met through Instagram and fell in love:

4. When Facebook inspired one man to start a movement to help kids pay for lunch.

5. When this woman found a little girl's stuffed bear and posted on Twitter until they were reunited:

Found this well loved little dude on an East Coast train at Kings Cross - let's find the owner, Twitter!

6. When veteran Harold Percival's obituary went viral on Twitter, and hundreds of people attended his funeral.

7. When a Facebook post helped free two brothers who had been jailed for murder.

8. When #YesAllWomen trended on Twitter and opened a dialogue on the subtle discriminations women face in their everyday lives.

Because I'm tired of being referred to as a "female engineer". Just an engineer, thanks. #YesAllWomen

Because we teach girls to dress decent instead of teaching boys to act decent. #YesAllWomen

9. When The Offspring responded to a Reddit post about a friend who had fallen into a coma.

10. When these skateboarders found a phone and made an Instagram video to find the rightful owner:

11. When an accidental Facebook message led to true love.

Inquiring about her upcoming high school reunion, Patsy Thompson Sutton messaged who she thought was a former classmate of hers at Lanier High... but it turned out that the man, John, went to a different Lanier High School altogether. The two kept in touch on Facebook, however, and eventually met and fell in love.

12. When a couple's video of a dog they found and rescued went viral on YouTube, leading them to start an animal rescue program.

13. When thousands of people, including many celebrities, did the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS.

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