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The 13 Best Things About Being With Loved Ones For The Holidays

There’s no happier time of year than the holidays. And there’s no better way to spend them than being together with your loved ones, experiencing the shared human connections that only happen when you’re face-to-face with friends and family.

1. That long-awaited hug at the airport.

2. Hanging out with your newest (and cutest) family members...

3. ...and experiencing Christmas through a child's eyes again.

4. Finding out who graduated from the kids' table this year.

5. Sharing a bed with your family pet again.

6. Decorating the tree with family.

7. Helping your mom cook Christmas dinner.

8. The laughter around the table as you eat.

9. The fact that your dad continues to dress up as Santa every year, and it continues to be hilarious.

10. Seeing the reaction when you get someone an awesome present.

11. Kissing your lover under the mistletoe.

12. Getting more precious one-on-one time with your grandparents.

13. Spending the happiest time of year with the people who love you the most!

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Tammi has always been close to her little brother, but it’s been 17 years since they’ve been able to see each other in person. So TELUS decided to connect them for the holidays, because the greatest connection is the human connection.