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12 Signs You Were Born To Change The World

Everyone's got the potential to change the world. But you've gotta start somewhere. TELUS believes young change-makers are the key to making great stuff happen, and not just at We Day. Here are some tell-tale signs it’s going to be you.

1. You've always had some pretty huge ambitions.

2. You donated the profits of your kindergarten lemonade stand to charity.

3. You've never let anyone tell you you're too small to make a difference.

4. You got elected for student government in the third grade.

5. You put an egg timer in the shower to save water and now you’re like:

6. You led the class in that talent show your mom videotaped.

7. You signed up for various social change apps, and you're OK with what they're doing to your phone right now.

8. You ride your bike to save the environment, even when it's rainy as hell.

9. You share your Netflix login, because it’s like carpooling on the internet.

10. You fundraised to build schools in places you've never even been.

11. You started an anti-bullying movement at your school.

12. You will stop a party to search the trash and snip the beer rings.

You were born to do it—so change the world. Track your change every day with We365.