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21 Moments In Life That Actually Deserve A Literal Mic Drop

Every mobile network claims it’s the largest and fastest but only TELUS has the awards to prove it. Consider the mic dropped.

1. When the balance on your gift card covers the exact cost of your purchase.

2. When you clap a mosquito with your hand on the first try.

3. When you thread a needle on the first try.

4. When you assemble a piece of furniture and it actually looks like it did in the catalogue.

5. When the stray cat runs away from your friend but comes up to you to be pet.

6. When you guess the time in your head and then you look at the clock and you were right.

7. When you pull off the bucket to reveal 100% sandcastle perfection.

8. When you trip over your shoelaces and stumble but then turn it into a dance and people start clapping.

9. When your comment on someone's post gets more likes than the post itself.

10. When all the train transfers on your commute are perfectly synced up.

11. When you rap the whole verse correctly.

12. When you nail your voicemail greeting in a single take.

13. When you sink a paper three-pointer for the whole office to see.

14. When you finish binge-watching a TV show and the new season drops the next day.

15. When you make the perfect callback in the group thread.

16. When you check the pot on the stove the second before it boils over.

17. When you remember an old password without even thinking.

18. When you're filling your tank up with gas and you get the price to end in an exact dollar amount.

19. When you peel a clementine and it all comes off in one piece.

20. When someone challenges something you said and you own them with a quick phone fact-check.

21. When you flip a pancake into the air without a spatula and catch it perfectly in the pan.

But for TELUS, there’s no bigger mic drop moment than being named Canada’s largest and fastest mobile network.