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11 Things That'll Make You Say "Same" If You're A Uni Student On A Budget

"I'm sorry this is my last pencil — there's no way I'm letting you borrow it."

1. First off, waking up two hours early to get to uni, because the train is cheaper out of peak hour.

2. Telling your parents to give up all hope of being empty nesters.

3. Picking out the perfect phone plan because that's the one commodity you're not willing to live without.

4. Learning to enjoy the taste of instant coffee, because you can't afford a $7 skim, iced mocha every day.

5. Feeling like a chef in the kitchen when you add some extra veggies to your staple, instant noodle dinner.

6. Going to bed instead of going out, because you don't get paid until next week.

7. But then saying, "stuff it!" and going out anyway, because hey — you're here to have fun.

8. Picking up any extra work on campus in the hope that it'll help with living expenses.

9. Fighting the other students in your class to borrow the one course textbook from the library.

10. Lugging absolutely everything to university that you may ~possibly~ need.

11. And finally, learning to makeshift anything instead of spending money unnecessarily.

Scraping coins and saving is a way of life for your student years.

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