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If You're Studying, Listen Up: Telstra Is Offering Student Deals On All Its Post-Paid Plans


While being a uni student is an awesome experience, when it comes to finances,'s pretty bloody tough.

Well thank the telecommunication gods, because Telstra has COME THROUGH with student discounts on all their post-paid plans!

Not only do these plans come with a 10% student discount, they are also super flexible โ€” which, quite frankly, is exactly the type of commitment we all need.

As well as saving you some serious dosh, these plans come with unlimited standard national calls and texts, as access to free Telstra Airยฎ Wi-Fi.

For all the music lovers, they also come with data-free Apple Music streaming*, as well as data-free sports streaming for sports fans.

And the best part? All of these plans won't charge you for excess data usage in Aus. What a GIFT!

If you're keen to make good on this incredible offer, you can sign up here โ€” all you'll need is your student email address!