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14 Secrets Only Your Phone Knows About You

You might be surprised what your phone knows about you. They see everything, and your current one knows far too much; it's time to get a new phone with Telstra and enjoy that #NewPhoneFeeling!

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1. The number of selfies you actually take (but don't post).

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2. How long it takes you to write, rewrite, erase, send, and look over (and possibly regret) those tricky texts.

3. You lied to get out of that date. You're not busy, you're watching cartoons.

4. What your cooking looks like without filters applied.

Nate Steiner / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: nate

5. How many people you're actually dating.

Annabelle Nyst

6. Your high score in Flappy Bird is three.

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7. Just how often you check your phone, even when there's nothing to check.

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8. How many times you swiped right on Tinder when you should have swiped left.

9. Your reaction every time you receive a text.

10. How many creepy photos of hot strangers you secretly take.

11. That you look up directions to places you've already been multiple times.

A Nyst

12. That you actually don't know how to spell anything at all.

Thankfully, it's always got your back with autocorrect.

13. How many times you snooze your alarm. And then snooze again.

14. You still talk to your mum. Every. Single. Day.

But she really appreciates it! Even if she doesn't always pick up.