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15 Things Only Year-Round Allergy Sufferers Will Understand

Ain't nothing seasonal about these allergies. Thankfully, Telfast works year-round too.

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1. Every morning you wake up secretly hoping your allergies have miraculously disappeared.

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2. But you open your dry, watery, red eyes and realise, HAHA, nope, not today.

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3. You've missed more than a few days of work because you couldn't get out of bed.

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4. And you've been told countless times to see a doctor about your "recurring cold".

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5. You're constantly itchy.

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6. You've stopped worrying about how you look when you whip out the tissues in public.

They are just part of your life.
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They are just part of your life.

7. And you're always having to convince people you're not upset.


8. Once you start sneezing, it can be hard to stop.

9. And your co-workers have all but given up saying "bless you" every time you sneeze.


You don't even blame them tbh.

10. You keep a box of tissues in every room, which means you always end up stuffing used ones in the weirdest places.

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11. When it comes to cleaning the house, you know it's a dangerous, dangerous chore.

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12. And as for mowing the lawn, well, forget it. That's someone else's job.

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This is literally the only good thing about having allergies.

13. Every time the season changes your symptoms somehow seem to get worse.

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14. You find it hard to sympathise when someone complains to you about having a stuffy nose during spring.

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If only they knew.

15. But it's only because you envy those people who only have to deal with allergies for a few months a year.


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