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15 Insanely Useful Skills Everyone With Allergies Has Mastered

Anything can be a tissue if you try hard enough. Break through your hay fever allergies this spring with Telfast.

1. Knowing when the first day of spring is without looking at a calendar.

2. Getting out of bed even on those mornings you feel like you can't breathe.

3. Folding a tissue so you can use every last inch.

4. Turning pretty much anything into an emergency tissue when you run out...

5. ...or when you feel a biiiiiig sneeze coming on.

6. Knowing the difference between cold and allergy symptoms.

7. Then convincing people you're not actually sick.

8. Subtly blowing your nose in public without anybody noticing.

9. Eating while you have a blocked nose without suffocating.

10. Remembering what food tasted like before spring came along.

11. Being suspicious of anyone who tries to give you flowers.

12. Avoiding the outdoors during peak pollen times.

13. Perfectly timing a sneeze every time you put on mascara.

14. Sharing your tissues with your fellow allergy sufferers.

15. Not apologising if people complain about having to say "bless you" too many times during one of your sneezing fits.

Don't let allergies hold you back. Break through your hay fever this spring with Telfast 5-in-1 Multi-Benefit Relief.

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