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How To Pull Off The Flawless No-Makeup Look

Calling out to all lazy bums! If you’re one of those girls who just can’t stand spending hours in front of the mirror everyday-putting their make-up on and making pretty hair-dos then we trust your struggle truly. We all want to look pretty and presentable when we head out, yes. But not all of us are blessed with the immense strength and patience it takes to get everything on point all the time. Girls like us are always looking for hacks and fixes that can make us not look like we just rolled out of bed. If you’re an outgoing person or a working woman and you must put your going-out-face on every day, let us make it easier for you. Read below about how you can look flawless in minimum time just as like a good natural looks.

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Makeup Essentials

Now, first things first.

You’ll want to put on some BB cream after you wash your face. It will moisturize your skin and also act as a base. It will even your skin tone and you won’t even have to put any foundation on as well. Which means you get spared from the cake-face.

Next thing you must apply- is the almighty Concealer. Dab it on any traces of marks and especially your dark circles. That way, no one can tell you pulled an all nighter!

You might also want to put some blush on. It will bring some color to your cheeks and will also give you a glowy look. Highlighters are another alternative if you’re looking for a more radiant look.

Putting on some mascara is also an essential if you want to look fully awake. It will widen your eyes and make your lashes look thicker, fuller and longer. Pretty pretty!

Last but not the least- The lipstick. You can just put on lip stain if you don’t fancy putting on all that product on your lips. Matte or glossy, never leave home with bare lips! You can get all these makeup products right here!

Hair Essentials

No, we don’t expect you to straighten or blow dry your hair every day.

The best thing you can do is figure out what hairstyles suit you well. Once you’ve got that noted, you will not feel so confused anymore. It’s really hard to try those gorgeous braids you see chicks rocking every now and then which is why you should just stick to the basic! Some bobby pins and ponies are going to be your best friends. You can occasionally rock a different braid- wear a scarf or a headband for something different every day.

It’s very hard being a girl but the challenges we face every day are really what keeps us going. So all you lovely but lazy ladies, here’s to looking beautiful every single day.

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