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    Leepse: Apps Bring Communities Together

    Mental Health Awareness Week highlights the importance of being able to speak up, talking to each other, helping others and the value of working as a community.

    While everyone is rightly concerned about the impact during the pandemic, conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, and stress can also be devastating. They aren’t conditions that are always so obvious, and telling someone with them to “cheer up, it may never happen” won’t help.

    Interestingly, more males feel anxious, impatient and insecure since pandemic isolating procedures, and further 20% of users who choose “picky” also choose “depressed". On average 55% of Social community building app Leepse’s users are male, and 45% are female.

    The pandemic seems to have had an impact on romance too: 10% of users went from “in a relationship” to “single”since pandemic. However, users who describe themselves as being in a relationship have increased their average session time. So, even when lockdowns are keeping people apart, there is still room to be together and to talk in order to maintain good mental health.

    Leepse therefore agrees with the Mental Health Foundation’s message: kindness matters, and it can be “the key to turning things around”, explains a video by the Foundation, which adds: “You see, kindness has the power to create community, support and hope”. Leepse also believes that online communities can offer a helping hand, ensuring that those suffering from any mental health condition don’t feel alone. What’s key is to be there for someone who needs to talk.

    While apps alone won’t solve these issues, they can enable people to talk through these issues by using them – perhaps even to find solutions or a common ground to boost morale. Gabriel Mulko, co-founder of Leepse, explains:

    “Socially speaking, before pandemic, people were combining online and offline interactions. With the lockdown, the online interactions are filling the communication gap to make up for the lack of physical contact and real-life interactions. Based on user activity, we can tell apps and online communities like Leepse are doing a great job of connecting people across a variety of topics. We also see an increase in public figures providing content and pushing existing online communities for support.”

    “The lockdown and the self-isolating effects are an opportunity for us, as app creators, to build strong online communities that can act as a safety net during difficult times. The trend we’re seeing is that the apps that are captivating people’s attention are the entertaining ones. Yes, online therapies are also seeing an increase in usage, but the real winners are the ones providing a moment of escape from all the trauma. People need to laugh, relax and think of talk about anything else, but pandemic”

    Leepse uses AI driven social filters to enable like-minded users to support wellbeing and healthy lifestyle practices. It has been downloaded more than 15,000 times since January 2020. The free app is available in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. On Leepse, users interact with other members to support and motivate each other, with the aim of taking care of everyone’s overall health.

    Mulko comments: “We have created a space away from all the noise; it is a space where you can have fun, a space where you can share and grow, a space where you can be yourself, a space where you are not judged, a space where you are understood, and a space for self-expression.”

    So, begin the conversation and show some online kindness to support good mental health, by enabling someone to genuinely feel wanted and valued. Be kind offline too. Life can be emotional, but rewarding for all. Download Leepse today; talk shamelessly to ease someone’s mind. After all, mental health is as important as getting physically fit. Talking could even save or change someone’s life. It could even change your own life, and help you to combat loneliness, stress and depression.

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