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Three Reasons BuzzFeed Should Discontinue "BuzzFeed News"

For the country's sake.

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This is an era in which journalism matters most. Our President and his cabinet members spout falsehoods around every corner. The true, terrifying things they are actually accomplishing are going unnoticed as we, the American public, focus on CNN and New York Times roundtable discussions of completely unfounded claims of wiretapping. We need a media that is accountable and focuses on the absurdities of the truth, rather than the click-batey-ness of the falsehoods.

I love reading ridiculously specific BuzzFeed articles outlining why "These 50 pictures of sea otters are what I need in my life right now" just as much as the next guy, but I sure as hell don't want to receive my world news from the same site.

1. "Golden Showers"

This article released by BuzzFeed was demonstrably false (BuzzFeed even said the report was unverified and contained errors). That's like saying "Hey guys, I'm not sure where I heard this and it's probably not true, but I HEARD DON HATES PUPPIES AND YOU SHOULD ALL HATE HIM FOR IT."

2. Denial of the media's legitimacy

Donald Trump has convinced half the country that the media is promoting lies and that he is the only source that should be listened to.

BuzzFeed News is officially the first news source that has actually backed up one of his claims!

3. Branding and expectations

As a content consumption-heavy generation, we can't possibly always keep track of the sources we're reading and the themes of the content those sources produce. BuzzFeed is really good at what it does. It has a strong brand in entertainment content and native advertising.

Sea otter GIFs and important world news should not come from the same publisher.

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