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Three Google SEO Tricks That Will Make The Search Engine Trusts You

SEO might seem easy but it’s actually far from it. Even if you have applied every optimization method under the earth, it will still need time to work.

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Not only because you have to compete with million other sites, but also because that’s how Google works. Furthermore, Google SEO keeps changing overtime an you will need to keep up with all the updates if you are serious in trying to get your site to Google’s first page.

To increase your search engine ranking and get more people to visit your page, you need to make the search engine trusts you. Using various optimization techniques will not be enough because some of them actually will harm your site’s reputation. Not every SEO method is good so you need to choose carefully which ones you want to use to improve your website. Here are some tricks that will make search engine loves your website.

Age Matters

You must have heard that good layout and great contents are good recipes to bring people to visit your page. Well, that is true. Unfortunately, no matter how amazing your articles are or how beautiful your site design is, when it comes to search engine ranking, you will still be defeated by other sites with older age.

But what age are we talking about here? Is it measured from the time you are starting your website? No. The age that matters here is the indexed age, which refers to the time when the search engine finally finds the site. It will need consistency, lots of high quality content and healthy link. You must be patient and consistent since SEO is a hard work and never a magic.

Authority Links

One of the most effective way to make people and Google notice your site is when other website links to your posts. But don’t even think to cheat because Google is smart enough to find out. Your search engine ranking will improved only when the link is made by authority sites or websites that posts great content. Google considers backlink as a vote, as a sign of approval. When one authority site links to your post, your ranking definitely will soar because Google already trusts that authority site. So, it will be useless to create hundreds of new website for backlinking purpose only because the search engine will barely recognize it.

Quantity is Important Too

When we are talking about optimization technique, we will keep talking about quality contents over and over again. Why? Because it is important, because Google encourages websites to post contents for human. However, you cannot ignore the fact that quantity matters too, but only when the quality part has been fulfilled. Google appreciates consistency so when you post more, your site will have better chance to be recognized by the search engine. Furthermore, when you post an excellent long article, people will stay in your sites longer and you will have more chance to elaborate your idea. As a result, your post will provide more information compared to the shorter ones.

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