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    17 Struggles Only Jewish Teens Will Get

    Don't Je-wish you were one of us?

    1. Learning a foreign language in school AND Hebrew

    2. Searching for a new dress every Saturday

    3. Praying for a normal looking nose

    4. Knowing deep down Chanukah will never be the same as Christmas

    5. Living with the "you get 8 days of presents" scam

    6. Having these six elusive letters be your only college requirement

    7. Not living close to any of your camp friends

    8. Having to explain to all your Christian friends all your holidays

    9. Trying to tame this mess

    10. Getting weird looks whenever you say phrases like Oy Gevalt!

    11. Searching for the perfect pair of Birkenstocks to wear to Israel

    12. Having guys like Schmidt be your TV role models

    13. Getting all the names mixed up

    14. Getting weird looks when you say you want to go to Boston College over Brandeis

    15. Trying to not get smothered by your mother

    16. Signing up for NFTY thinking it was like BBYO

    17. Arguing whose Bubbe really makes the best matzo ball soup