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    You Know Your A Potsie When...

    If you're living with Tachycardia and you know the meaning of needing more "Spoons" then this post is for you!

    1. Mornings Suck

    Baby Mama

    The struggle to wake up in the morning is real.

    2. The right kind of food is key

    Generally we are pretty nauseous so when we are finally hungry our food tends to be very salty items!

    3. Our bed becomes our sanctuary

    Via Pinterest

    Because so many of us have flare ups and can't move without passing out or feeling dizzy we spend a great amount of time in bed.

    4. And because we spend so much time in bed...


    Netflix has became our best friend. 10 seasons of Friends?? Yes please!

    5. We've mastered the eye roll

    Via Pinterest

    We've been told we're "lazy" so many times it's hard to keep track. Not just by family and friends but also by the medical community.

    6. High heart rates are normal for us

    Christine Felton

    This was actually taken while laying in bed. Please tell me again I'm just lazy.

    7. Pills, pills and more pills!

    Via Pinterest

    We have a love/hate relationship with our medicine. Most of them give us some lovely side effects, but for the most part they do their job which is to keep our heart rate down and blood pressure up.

    8. Hot weather sucks.

    Via Pinterest

    As amazing as this picture looks, us POTSIES know that most of us would be so uncomfortable in that heat and humidity. Which 100% sucks for us who love to travel and love the summer season.

    9. Which brings me to this point...

    Via Pinterest

    Depression is a common side effect. I know that I experience it daily. Knowing that I can't do the things that I love anymore is a real bummer. It helps that we aren't going through it alone.

    10. And finally....

    Via Pinterest

    Anybody with a chronic illness needs extra spoons so if you find yourself in a conversation with a spoonie, talk to them. Get to know them because we are warriors, fighting a daily battle to stay off the floor!

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