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Michael Jackson's 179 Surgeries

Dr. Arnold Klein has done well over 179 non-intrusive surgeries on Michael Jackson's face, in the three months prior to his death.

teegeelicious 10 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, Divorce

"Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' relationship is on the rocks due to religion. Apparently, both were of the same faith, but now one is beginning to question the whole thing. One of the partners has given the other an ultimatum: Either stop questioning, or divorce. The religious beliefs are tearing their family apart. Not Katie Holmes.--B.G"

teegeelicious 10 years ago

Taylor Lautner Had Sex With Taylor Swift (NSFW)

Taylor Swift and “Twilight hunk” Taylor Lautner were spotted at a Beverly Hills hotel last night where photographers reported they spent the night together, according to Earlier in the night, the new couple attended a hockey game at L.A.’s Staples Center.

teegeelicious 10 years ago

Steve Phillips, FIRED!

“Steve Phillips is no longer working for ESPN,” network spokesman Josh Krulewitz said in a statement. “His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident it was time to part ways.”

teegeelicious 10 years ago

Queen Elizabeth II Will Kill Nick Griffin

She's furious at the party for using Winston Churchill to promote its racist image and has ORDERED all the royals to join forces with her to unite Britain against hated BNP leader Nick Griffin. A senior royal aide told us: "The Queen thinks it is a disgrace that the name of such a courageous leader in our hour of need has been hijacked in this way.

teegeelicious 10 years ago