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    5 Indie Rock Artists To Look Out For In 2015

    These acts might be under the radar now but they've all got big things ahead of them this year.



    If dreamy, bedroom pop songs are your thing, there’s a good chance you’ll dig Gabrielle Smith’s band Eskimeaux. Formed in 2007, the Brooklynites have released several albums that experiment with both guitar-driven and electronic atmospheres. Subtle looping, buoyant chord progressions, and Smith’s soft, honey-drenched alto are woven together with grace and care. The ethereal result is why you should be stoked for their upcoming record OK, due out in March on Double Double Whammy Records.

    Listen To This: Eskimeaux, “Broken Necks

    Elvis Depressedly


    Straight outta South Carolina, Elvis Depressedly meshes ambient noise and dark-humored lyricism. Mat Cothran’s disaffected singing complements moody rhythms, whether they’re coming from a wavy, whining violin or a slow-moving rollercoaster of discordant piano chords. Lines like “If there’s a cool spot in hell/ I know you’ll get it” are biting, but they lie low, beneath the surface like a splinter you don’t feel at first. Keep your ears peeled this spring for Elvis Depressedly’s next album New Alhambra on Run For Cover Records.

    Listen To This: Elvis Depressedly, “Weird Honey

    Chastity Belt


    With all the sad indie rock out there these days, it feels like a breath of fresh air when a band knows how to make solid music and have a sense of humor about it. In 2013, Chastity Belt’s No Regerts (typo intended) featured silly songs titles such as “Healthy Punk,” “Nip Slip,” and “Pussy Weed Beer.” But it doesn’t matter if they’re shouting “Giant! Vaginaaa!” because as swaying, surfy riffs coast along Julia Shapiro’s rich, syllable-stretching vocals, there’s no denying their impressive, post-punk-inspired musicianship. Get stoked for their sophomore effort, Time to Go Home, out March 24th on Hardly Art Records.

    Listen To This: Chastity Belt, “Seattle Party



    Quarterbacks’ folk-pop songs are just what your music-obsessed short attention span ordered. The New Paltz natives’ tracks clock in at around a minute give or take, packing an up-tempo punch with each second. Jangly guitars cling to pogo-stick melodies and crisp, speedy drum whacks abound. Quarterbacks songs tell stories of young love but only in snapshots, always leaving you wanting more. Their self-titled album will be released February 10th via Team Love Records.

    Listen To This: Quarterbacks, “Center

    Natalie Prass


    It only makes sense that one of Jenny Lewis’ backing band members would be so talented at crafting ‘70s folk-rock ballads. Nashville singer-songwriter Natalie Prass’ gorgeous arrangements provide a comfy bed for her sparse, angelic pipes. Orchestral horns and strings dance around on tracks like “My Baby Don’t Understand Me,” which is pretty much impossible not to sing along to. Her addictive chant of “Our love is a long goodbye” is as gut-wrenching as it is irresistible. Prass’ eponymous record is out January 27th on Spacebomb Records.

    Listen To This: Natalie Prass, “My Baby Don’t Understand Me

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