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    26 Reasons Mark Hoppus Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend, As Evidenced By Twitter

    You know that you'd laugh at his dumb jokes when no one does.

    1. He loves all of your favorite TV shows...



    Via Twitter: @markhoppus

    Bonus: A+ grammar.

    4. ...movies, too

    5. He's constantly giving shout-outs to your fave musicians




    9., CONSTANTLY...




    13. He LOVES T-Swift


    15. He would be a caring husband

    16. He's always on time

    17. He can't even wait to grow old with you

    18. He says what you're thinking

    Via Twitter: @markhoppus

    It's like he has ESPN or something.

    19. He's an activist

    20. ...and a vegetarian!

    21. He's way into animal rights

    22. Way, way into them

    23. He's young at heart

    24. He's not afraid to ask the hard-hitting questions

    25. He dreams big

    26. And if you disagree, he ain't even mad

    <3 you, Mark

    P.S. This girl knows what I'm talkin' about