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Only A True Mancunian Can Pass This Test

If you fail, you're probably from Liverpool.

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  1. 1. What do you call this?

    Joe Gough / Getty Images
    Bacon barm
    Bacon bap
    Bacon roll
  2. 2. Which of these cities is closest to Manchester?

  3. 3. What's the name of this iconic store?

    Flickr: christopher-elison / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
    Via Flickr: christopher-elison / Creative Commons
  4. 4. What Is Manchester caviar?

    darkbird77 / Getty Images
    Rice Pudding
    Mushy Peas
  5. 5. Which shopping mall did Muhammed Ali visit to promote Ovaltine in 1971?

    Harry Benson / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
    Stretford Mall
    Arndale Centre
    Trafford Centre
  6. 6. What does this mean?

    Nice Shoes
    Nice Earmuffs
    Nice Trousers
  7. 7. Coronation Street’s pub The Rover’s Return sells what fictional beer?

  8. 8. The infamous Hacienda night club is now a...

    Flickr: timdobson / Creative Commons
    Apartment Building
    Car Park
    Via Flickr: richardkendall / Creative Commons
  9. 9. If someone was “a piffy on a rock bun”, what would this mean?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
    They keep hanging around unnecessarily
    The're the odd one out
    They're left on the shelf
  10. 10. If someone's been "fettling”, what have they been doing?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
    Preparing a meal
    Mending something
    Washing themselves
  11. 11. Rusholme In South Manchester has a road with tons of Indian restaurants – what's it’s nickname?

    Flickr: 56278705@N05 / Creative Commons
    Madras Motorway
    Korma Kilometre
    Curry Mile
  12. 12. Which of these paintings depicts a scene in Manchester?


    It's Going to Work (1943) by L. S. Lowry.

  13. 13. If something is “bobbins”, what is it?

    Hulton Archive / Express Newspapers / Getty Images / 20th Television / PBS / BuzzFeed
    Totally authentic
    A load of rubbish
  14. 14. What does this Manc’ word mean?

    SAKhanPhotography / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  15. 15. If someone told you “there’s some scrotes up that ginnel”, what are they trying to tell you

    Ann Baldwin / GoldStock / Getty Images / BuzzFeed
    There’s some leaves clogging their drains
    There are some unsavoury youths present in the back alley
    There’s an infestation of insects in their house

Only A True Mancunian Can Pass This Test


You're probably not from Manchester, but if you are, it's time you learnt a little more about the city.

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You clearly know the local slang, the geography, and the rich history of Manchester. Congratulations!

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