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    • tedn2

      These photographs are hard to take. It’s tragic. And as a father, I can’t imagine losing my child in this way. It’s true what a lot of you say — these children don’t deserve this. However — and here’s the part that will rub some of you the wrong way — who ultimately bears the burden of responsibility for this? Israel? For defending herself, for trying to stop the rockets and the tunneling into her lands? This concept of “occupation” is a lie. The land belongs to both peoples but the Palestinians refuse to accept a two state solution and have from as early as the 1920’s (just after the fall of the Ottoman Empire when the land transferred into the hands of the British). It’s also true what they say, the Palestinian leadership hates Israel more than it loves its own people to the point that it won’t give these children a chance at a better life. It’s a hostage situation and Hamas is holding normal Palestinians at knifepoint. So again, who’s responsibility is this? I believe, on some level, it is the average Palestinian who is simply too scared to stand up to Hamas and its leadership. I don’t blame them — they will certainly be killed for that kind of courage but the irony is that the liberal “left” and the Palestinian narrative believe the oppression comes at the hand of Israel when, in fact, it comes from Hamas, it’s very own leadership.  Trust me, people, I have been to Israel. I have been to the West Bank. People want peace. Israel wanted peace badly enough a few years back and so they gave Gaza for it, but what did they get in return? Rockets and tunnels. You scream, the Israeli blockade! But if Hamas can tunnel in explosives and rockets and enough concrete to build schools and hospitals, don’t you think they could have tunneled in food, supplies, and textbooks too?  Again, these photos are horrible and no reasonable family deserves this kind of pain. But don’t you think it’s time for the Palestinian people to stand up to their true oppressors, their terrorist leaders?

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