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The 5 Greatest Modern Family Episodes Of All Time

And you thought YOUR family was weird? Unless you've been living under a rock with no television for the past five years, you've undoubtedly at least heard of Modern Family. With multiple Emmy wins for show/writing & actor performances, it's now reached nearly iconic status in sitcom world. Recently entering syndication on the USA channel, it will undoubtedly continue to delight audiences for years to come with venues to watch Modern Family online. It's still going strong - alive and kicking as of this writing, though, so don't forget to catch the current episodes each week. This show is so good, it's more than a hard call to list only 5 of the Best Episodes, but here's one of the best attempts you'll ever read.

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Well, the very first episode, Episode 101, the Pilot, which aired in September 2009 still ranks right up there with one of the very best of all that have followed. Here we are introduced to the various members of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan in all of their dysfunctional glory.

The absence of a laugh-track, leaving it up to the viewer to decide all on his/her own what is truly funny, proved to be (and still is) a refreshing aspect of this very clever show. A couple of funny scenes (thus far) have taken place on airplanes, and in the pilot, the scene where Mitchell and Cameron are bringing baby Lily home is still one of the funniest (especially the impassioned, irate speech Mitchell gives to the entire plane about cream puffs, which after Cameron's explanation to him necessitates an apology to all their fellow passengers).

Airport 2010

Episode 122, "Airport 2010" is another airborne one at least for awhile, also from the first season - first airing in May, 2010. Gloria magnanimously invites the entire clan on a trip to Hawaii for Jay's birthday, for which, of course, Jay winds up footing the bill. Though many mishaps occur during the vacation, overall it winds up being one that Jay makes the best of and decides to treasure as a fond birthday memory.


Halloween is the title of Episode 206, which aired right before that holiday in October, 2010 - Season 2. Claire's almost ghoulish sense of the macabre in decorating offends some while delighting others. However Cameron is not a fan due to a traumatic childhood memory of the holiday.

Mistery Date

Episode 408 titled "Mistery Date" from Season 4 is definitely one of the more hysterical ones in the genre of a "comedy of errors." Guest star Matthew Broderick convincingly plays an old college chum of Phil's who shows up for a "boy's night" while Phil's family is away...the misinterpretation of that proves to be quite revealing.

The Old Man & The Tree

Episode 510 "The Old Man & The Tree" is a Christmas themed one from December, 2013, Season 5. Jay takes Manny out to choose and chop down their own Christmas tree, old-school style. Problem is, virtually no available tool is up to the challenge. Their eventual solution is a classic. Meanwhile, Gloria's mother is visiting from Colombia adding to the already high level of family dynamics; and Mitchell's quest to find the most coveted Christmas gift for Lily is filled with many surprises.

When a sitcom is this good, it's extremely difficult to pick and choose just a handful of excellent episodes. Producer Steven Levitan has a highly successful track record in television, as a producer, writer, creator and director. In addition to awards won for his work on Frasier and Just Shoot Me (among others) prior to Modern Family, his current collaboration with veteran producer and writer Christopher Lloyd (The Golden Girls, Wings, Frasier) has emerged as one of the most successful in sitcom history.

Their production company is called Picture Day.These talented creators' combined talents have certainly given rise to one of the best sitcoms on TV today, which is sure to stand the test of time and keep viewers laughing for decades to come with the bona fide hit of Modern Family. Thanks, gentlemen, for getting the ball rolling and to all the talented writing staff, crew and amazing actors on this terrific show.