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Six Outdoor Activities That Are Just Around The Corner

While it's clear that the winter of the snowpocalypse shows no signs of slowing down, one could reasonably assume that spring must be coming sooner than later. Sure, it's still frigid in most of the country right now, but looking forward a few weeks (or months) the sun must come out eventually. While you sit by your fire sipping hot cocoa (in March), check out these six outdoor activities to get you pumped up for what should be a beautiful spring. Unless, of course, the snowpocalypse continues throughout the rest of the year.

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Lawn Bowling

What's more relaxing that sipping a nice cold beer on a Friday afternoon and bowling? Doing that on your own lawn! Lawn bowling is an awesome outdoor activity that combines the exciting sport of bowling with the leisure of your backyard. A game that can be enjoyed by the young and the old alike, add lawn bowling to your list of springtime activities.

Skeet Shooting

Is there anything better than a beautiful spring afternoon spent deep in the forest shooting clay pigeons? Answer: no. While skeet shooting is still doable in the winter, chances are you'll have better aim in the spring and summer, which is kind of the whole point of the activity. With a firearm from and a lemonade in hand, you'll have a heckuva afternoon making sure those clay pigeons are dealt with.


While "hammocking" may not be an actual word, the process of laying in a hammock and doing absolutely nothing is one of the greatest warm weather activities on the face of this earth. Whether you're napping, reading, or just staring up at the clouds, the pleasure of laying in a hammock is unmatched. Cold weather hammocking is, er, not as enjoyable as when you can lay out in shorts.

Capture the Flag

When was the last time you played capture the flag? This classic game takes on a whole new level of competitiveness as an adult. Opt to take springtime capture the flag to the next level with an urban twist, by spreading the game out over a few city blocks. Be prepared to be out of breath, as adults take this game very seriously.


Sure, winter hikes can be fun, but at the end you're all sweaty and just cold. It's not ideal. Spring hikes, however, are the crem de la crem. With blossoming plants and reemerged wildlife, hiking in spring is like walking around the earth after it just woke up from a long slumber (which is kind of exactly what it did).

Water Jet Pack

If you've got a little bit of money to spend, spend it in the smartest way possible: by purchasing some time in a jet pack powered by water. These jet packs use propulsion to boost the user dozens of feet into the air, and make it easy for anyone to do all kinds of turns and twists. While the water may have been a bit too cold in winter, jet packing in the spring will no doubt be in the perfect weather.