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Five Little White Lies That Men Tell Women

He may be Mr. Right for you, but don’t believe he’s Honest Abe for a second. Every man lies. Even if it’s a small fib or a tall tale, he’s got an ability to spin the truth. Look out for these common little lies men are apt to tell.

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1. I Didn't Drink That Much In College

Unless you were enrolled in the seminary planning on becoming a priest, the likelihood that you didn’t get a little too tipsy more often than not is pretty high. Everyone, especially guys in college, drinks. They drink when they’re 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 years old.

Since the invention of the fake ID, fraternities, and older siblings, men have been binge drinking in college for ages. Hey it’s college and everyone has a little too much fun. Often, this fun leads to other pious acts. Men always downplay any bad behavior.

2. I've Slept With "X" Amount of Women

There comes a time in every relationship when that question about sexual history makes its way into the conversation. Men dread such a question. Who knows how one black-out drunk night in college ended after breaking up with the girlfriend?

Often times when asked by a girlfriend or even fiancé about their sexual history, men typically tend to exaggerate the truth. They believe a smaller number is better. They carefully step around the truth when asked this question. Women, beware of what the truth may contain when making this inquiry. Sometimes, it’s just better not to ask. Women aren’t excluded from this little lie about their sexual history either.

3. I Don't Have a Girlfriend

When encountering a handsome guy at a bar, while getting your morning skinny latte at Starbucks, or anywhere else, be weary of what he initially says. When you start talking with this potential suitor and things progress, don’t forget to do a little background check on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or see if any of your friends know this guy.

Sadly, most guys think they’re in an open relationship. But their present girlfriends aren’t aware of their relationship status, even if it says otherwise on Facebook. He could be swinging two or maybe three relationships unknown to any of the women involved. Hey can we blame that guy? He’s simply keeping his options open, right?

4. Nothing Happened At The Bachelor Party

Does the bride-to-be really have to ask about the bachelor party? It’s understandable that they’re concerned, worried, and they don’t trust their fiancé’s friends. But the events at the bachelor party are meant to remain a secret. This toxic information could soil a long lasting relationship if known.

This is a man’s last hurrah. It’s his single last moment of freedom. But you have to ask yourself. If you’re that concerned about your future husband’s fidelity and loyalty, then is he the right man for you?

5. I Don't Like Smoking Cigars

Enjoying a nice cigar during a party, at a special event such as a wedding, or out at the bar is a man’s rite of passage. Even if your hubby says he never smokes, hates cigarettes, cigars, and never has possibly touched a joint, then he’s full of it.

Each man has at least sampled one of the three or all three of the above stated items. There’s nothing manlier than relaxing with a nice cigar. Even if you hate the smoke and smell, don’t judge or restrict this tradition. Instead, maybe buy a nice variety pack from Gotham Cigars or attempt to smuggle a case from Cuba.