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8 Ways The Bride Goes Overboard When Planning The Wedding

You can’t fight the bride when she’s planning the wedding. Men, it’s understandable if you want to sit back, relax, and watch football while she does all the planning with her mom, sisters, friends, and the wedding planner. Unfortunately that’s not the case. But look out for these potential situations or indicators that the bride-to-be may need a timeout.

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1. New Guests are Added to The List Every Day

More guests equal more money! Yes, the more guests that attend the wedding increase the chances of additional awesome wedding gifts, but the amount of money spent on each guest at the reception adds up. The average cost of a wedding today is insane. Before even creating the guest list, make a limit with your future wife.

Definitely make sure that any ex-boyfriends aren’t on that guest list, even if they’re now “good” friends.

2. Not Satisfied After 100 Wedding Cake Samples

Is it just a cake? Or is it the most important cake of your life? The cake needs to look good, but taste even better. Honestly, the cake will most likely end up on your face, tuxedo, hair, or the dance floor. Choose a wedding cake that hits the spot and move on.

3. The Wedding Budget is "Absolutely Too Small"

A person’s wedding marks a once in a lifetime event that you’ll always remember, but with the current divorce rate, people have multiple weddings. Don’t go overboard on the expenses. Even if the bride’s father is paying for the gig, he’s certainly got a price limit for his little girl. Besides, you don't want your wedding to be too lavish.

4. She Wants to Plan the Bachelor Party, Too

A bride should have no say or idea about what happens at the bachelor party. Hey, it could be a camping trip or all night strip club tour. She may have strict rules about what you can or cannot do, but the planning for this event goes to the best man. If she’s asking to be involved, just say no.

5. Professional Teeth Whitening is a Must

The bride must look perfect for the ceremony. A smile says everything at a wedding in photos. Professional teeth whitening at the dentist can add up to a bill that’s hundreds of dollars. This cosmetic treatment isn’t covered by dental insurance.

If her teeth are seriously stained, yellow, and not that attractive, then maybe teeth whitening is the way to go.

6. Someone Is On a Strict "Starvation Diet"

The bridesmaids and future bride almost always start a new diet when planning the wedding. Sometimes it evolves into a starvation diet. Men, step in with a cheeseburger intervention. If she holds unrealistic expectations about trying to fit into a dress a size too small, then encourage her to eat in subtle ways. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask her about the dress size or her weight goals.

7. Suddenly, a Nose Job is on the Pre-Wedding Agenda

Brides-to-be start suddenly reevaluating their weight and overall personal appearance before the wedding. “I’m too fat, my thighs are enormous…I have the ugliest hands.” If she’s surprisingly considering a nose job or any type of plastic surgery, she may need a little reminder that the man marrying her, planned on marrying the “crooked” nose as well.

8. The Rehearsal Dinner Rivals a Small Wedding

Yes, the rehearsal dinner matters, but there’s no need to go crazy planning the food, booking a high end restaurant or event venue, inviting more people than the wedding party, close friends, and family. If there are floral arrangements at the tables, a customized brand new dress your fiancé is wearing, and a guest list, then you may be paying for two weddings.

Keep it simple with dinner, a few speeches, a little alcohol, and choose some top gifts for groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the parents. It’s time to show appreciation, not plan a lavish party.