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Russian Tech Takes America By Storm

The Big Apple has become the Big Borsch as 10 Russian and Eastern European tech founders prepare to launch in America

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After this intense election season, don't you just wish you could hide away in Siberia somewhere...

Well, don't book that ticket quite yet – nearly a dozen Russian and Eastern European tech startups have come to you instead! Right now, in the Big Apple, they are working on anything from virtual reality to climate monitoring, and much, much more.

As software "eats the world," according to noted investor, Marc Andreessen, the region has started to come to the forefront as a technology powerhouse and rising star on Europe's eastern horizon. Jump-started by companies such as VKontakte, otherwise known as "Russia's Facebook," and other pioneers, the startup scene has grown exponentially.

For this reason, Starta Capital would like to invite you to join them on December 1st, from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, to celebrate the Starta Accelerator's Batch 2 Demo Day! This event features pitches by 10 startup founders, as well as updates on the accelerator's first batch of companies:

Below is their full lineup of startups scheduled to pitch on demo day:

# Insense: A tool converting influencers' reach on Instagram to actions and optimized Ad spending.

# bNesis: A Unified API service that saves up to 95% of the coding time for software companies.

# Aerostate: Worldwide air quality forecasts and analytics with a city block resolution.

# FriendlyData: We make working with data as simple as messaging with a friend, by providing a natural language interface for databases.

# Reveal: The first AI-assistant that manages your ad campaigns for you.

# SendPulse: A marketing automation platform focused on increasing email open rates automatically using AI.

# E-Contenta: We make native ads more personalized.

# Hyperverse: A "Full-Presence" VR Experience: No more sitting down for VR!

# Cardiomo: A consumer health monitoring device that continuously tracks vital signs with accuracy that doctors trust.

# Kidbee: Your child's "first job", allowing them to earn toys through learning.

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