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7 Ways To Think About Technology

Technology has become so engraved into our society that often times people don’t really take a step back and practice metacognition, or simply being aware of your awareness. The point I am trying to convey in this article is how included all forms of technology are in this world, and to get to aware of your awareness. How did we get here and how is this affecting us?

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1. How has technology slowly filtered into our everyday lives?

We as a society have created this surplus use in technology. A lesson plan written by Jared Bitting explains that people have directly impacted our influence and speed of developing technology in modern times. This may seem obvious today, but we should think back through history. It all started with people's need to communicate. People would communicate through letters that were carried by horse and buggies, which just took too long! Some smart, resourceful person invented the telephone which allowed people to communicate instantly and easily. This has only piggybacked since then, but its gone to the extreme. Having one common phone per house has transformed into not many homes having a common phone at all, and each person having their own phone that can do more then just make calls.

2. In what ways is technology impacting children?

Via Shook, Claire. "Technology's Effects on Society."

In a YouTube video published in 2013 titled “Technology’s Effects on Society” several statistics appeared that were shocking. One in particular stated, “In a group of 4-6 year olds, 54% chose watching TV over spending quality time with their fathers.” Whiles several pieces of this statistic is missing like how many 4-6 year olds there were, if they have good relationships with their fathers, etc I think the main take away point is that kids would rather watch TV then socially interact with people. In the same video, a picture was shown that most people have seen too many times first hand. A small baby (3-4 months old) is propped up against a pillow staring wide-eyed at the brightly lit iPad screen placed in front of him. Most parents use technology for children as a way to keep them occupied and quiet. At restaurants you can see parents bringing portable tech to the table so the children will behave. Will future children ever get the chance to color on restaurant mazes and word searches? Are these games too boring or lame now to keep kids entertained?

3. How has technology been integrated in our education system?

Via "Technology in Schools - Chapter 7: Technology Integration, Technology in Schools: Suggestions, Tools, and Guidelines for Assessing Technology in Elementary and Secondary Education."

Students still in elementary, middle, or high school are becoming more surronded by technology as years progress. My high school in PA gave every student their own laptop, and the laptop size and brand has only gotten nicer since I graduated in 2015. Technology has also become a new way to learn by educational games and advanced software. However, teachers are also being affected by technology inclusion. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, “…standards specify a desired performance profile for technology-literate teachers. Schools and districts can examine these performance standards to determine measures of teacher skills with technology,” simply meaning that knowing how to use technology could give you an advantage when looking for a job.

4. Does technology have an impact on our health?

Tim Wu wrote an article titled “As Technology Gets Better, Will Society Get Worse?” He talks about a group of people known as Oji-Cree who were very closed off from society and technology until the 1960s. Their village doctor recorded their deterioration in health as people becoming obese and developing diabetes because of their lack of physical activity. Instead of building their own shelter or gathering their food, technology did this for them making them unhealthy. This group was exposed to technology late and suffers major consequences since it has been integrated. Health problems in the US have gotten progressively worse in the last few decades. is technology partially to blame?

5. Will there become a point where we use technology for everything?


I'm sure some of the greatest technology has yet to be created. We have only gotten more advanced with time. One of the most advanced technological inventions is the auto pilot car. The car used sensors and cameras to regulate speed, control steering, and even switch lanes without driver assistance. From the WIRED YouTube video, a driver demonstrates all these actions. The man in the video is clearly excited about his auto pilot car, as most people are when they first get their hands on new tech. When cellphones were first invented no one knew how integrated they would become in American everyday life. Will our future children need to learn how to drive, or will auto pilot become a main source of transportation?

6. How does technology benefit society?

Portable smartphones helps people stay connected like never before. Social media has become a huge network all across the world, and FaceTime or Skype allows people to talk somewhat face to face when they could literally be across the world. Technology is changing our education system for the better, having a goal for all students to have access to the internet and resources to ensure better learning. Jobs are being created to create, install, fix, and manage all different types of technology. For example, the person who installs SmartBoards into classrooms then has to teach the teachers using then how they work. Having auto pilot cars may reduce accidents and over-all deaths resulting in car accidents.

7. It all comes down to being aware of your awareness

Our world is so advanced and there are huge benefits, however the key in life is balance. Children should put electronics away to play outside and everyone should consider having a day without going on social media. Think about how technology is involved in your life!

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