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Faron Miles With First Coast Snowie Ice Joins Jeff Shuford On The Buzz On Veterans

First Coast Snowie Ice is taking Northeast Florida by storm. Buzz On Veterans Host Jeff Shuford interviews Navy Veteran Faron Miles regarding his influential business.

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Shaved ice, snow cones, Italian ice, and a whole host of other delicious frozen treats are all based on one core principle: when people are hot, the only thing that can quench their thirst needs to be ice-cold. All these refreshments have minor differences – snow cones often use coarser crushed ice, Italian ice is flavored before it is frozen, shaved ice is usually incredibly fine, etc. – but they all share a common ingredient: ice.

Mixing flavorings with ice is probably an idea that has occurred to nearly every person who has encountered snow in the history of mankind. Reports exist of Alexander the Great mixing snow with fruit juices, wine, and honey. In Ancient Rome, Emperor Nero supposedly began the practice of storing ice from nearby mountains in pits covered with straw and using it to create beverages flavored with juice and honey. Similar accounts exist in just about every culture where the weather is hot and snow-covered mountains are nearby: Greece, Italy, Japan, Hawaii, and China all have a history of flavored snow or ice drinks.

Jeff Shuford sat down with Faron Miles to discover the passion behind starting his business. View the original post here.

View The MSNBC Post here.

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