How Wives Should Undress In Front of Their Husbands: Extremely Helpful Tips from 1937

Former stripper Professor June St. Clair (and we’re sure that’s her real name) from the Allen Gilbert School of Undressing (and we’re sure that’s a real school) demonstrates — in a 1937 issue of Life magazine. Talk about highbrow journalism, huh?

1. Typical Wife with Stripper June St. Clair: Guess who can undress better?

Ex-Burlesque stripper, Professor June St. Clair, sexily undressing as a typical wife clumsily disrobes next to her during a demonstration on how wives should undress in front of their husbands’ in the bedroom, for a class at the Allen Gilbert School of Undressing.

2. Which one is doing it right?

3. Typical Wife Undressing the Wrong Way

4. Typical Wife Still Undressing the Wrong Way

5. Stripper Undressing the Right Way

8. Wife Putting On Sexy Nightie the Wrong Way

9. Stripper Showing us the Right Way

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