8 Of The Worst Ways To Sell Condoms

From overkill brand names to dubious displays to that old hand-crafted touch, here are some of the worst (or best) ways to market condoms.


Hey, guys! Want to impress the woman in your life? Just pull out a box of the new Japanese condom —Mega Big Boy (not to be confused, of course, by its less-endowed brothers, the Super Big Boy and the Smart Boy). And if you think the name might be overkill, just take a look at the picture of the elephant on the label. Talk about a, er, hard sell …


Condoms as the perfect Mother’s Day gift !


Condoms as the perfect thing to tuck into that picnic basket!


Condoms that don’t QUITE fit their intended purpose …


Condoms sold at a cut-rate price — perfect for cheap gamblers!


Condoms for sale in an Italian vending maching that tells it like it is!


Condoms with that handcrafted touch!


Condoms as part of a logical back to school promotion!

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