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14 Signs You're The Ninja Warrior Of Your Friend Group

It's not easy being this dedicated. To check out more badass warrior behavior, don't miss the series premiere of Team Ninja Warrior, Jan. 19 8|7c, only on Esquire Network.

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1. If competition is involved, you can be a bit intense:

2. Whenever someone needs something off a high shelf, you become their hero:

3. If there's a raised curb, you WILL try balancing on it:

4. When your friends are too tired to go out, you’re like, “TIRED? WHAT IS TIRED?"

You pretty much have an endless supply of energy tbh.

5. You think shirts are overrated:

You're so hardcore your clothes can't keep up. NBD.

6. Your grip strength is borderline scary, so when someone needs a jar opened, you're like, "I got this":

Pickle jar, do your worst.

7. If someone needs help moving, they call you first:


8. Everyone else complains about taking the stairs when the elevator is broken, but you're like, pssssh:

You don't fear stairs. Stairs fear YOU.

9. The world is your gym, and you can work out anywhere:

(And your workouts look super ridic.)

10. And when you DO go to the gym, everyone is too busy staring at your insane skills to do their own workout:

11. You’re never not wearing athletic clothes in case, you know, you have to unexpectedly do some insane warrior stunts:

Plus, this way you're always able to fit in a quick extra workout. You never know...

12. You're always challenging your friends to weird impromptu physical challenges:

Bet you can't jump up and touch that branch. Bet you can't jump over that sign. Bet you can't climb that fence. Bet you can't balance on this pole.

13. You’re always the first to suggest the most badass weekend activities, like skydiving, bungie jumping, and hang gliding:

14. You really, REALLY enjoy winning:

Admit it — it really is everything.

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Keep it up. For more warrior inspo, check out the series premiere of Team Ninja Warrior, Jan. 19 8|7c, only on Esquire Network.

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