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    Posted on Sep 26, 2015

    Weekend Reads: September 26, 2015

    Our special guest this week is Rega Jha, editor of BuzzFeed India, sharing some of her favorite stories recently.

    To the delight, I'm sure, of poetry fanatics everywhere, David Orr lays out in The Paris Review how deeply misinterpreted Robert Frost's "The Road Less Taken" is. "It may be the best example in all of American culture of a wolf in sheep's clothing," he writes, going on to break down – like Orange Is the New Black did last year – the two vastly different ways the poem is interpreted and which interpretation – if either – gets to claim correctness.

    Readers of The Atlantic will remember Anne Marie Slaughter's 2012 proclamation that "Women Still Can't Have It All." In it, she explained over thousands of words that her high-powered career and her obligations to her family would more or less always be at odds. Now, three years later, the same magazine has published her husband's side of the same story. In "Why I Put My Wife's Career First," Andrew Moravcsik walks us through his decision – as a husband, a father, and a professional – to assume the role of "lead parent" in their home, allowing Slaughter the amount of time and bandwidth granted by default to men, to put her career first.

    And in Pitchfork, Jayson Greene cheerleads poignantly for perhaps the most pivotal and most underrated album of the decade, 808s and Heartbreak, going on to make an argument for the perpetually misunderstood pop enigma Kanye West as a thought leader, an innovator, and the music industry's angst-ridden game-changer.

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