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Weekend Reads: Homeschooling, Debate Teams, And Haircuts

Our special guest this week is Heben Nigatu, co-host of the BuzzFeed podcast Another Round, talking about some of her favorite stories she’s read recently.

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I come from a relatively decent public school background so I never think much about homeschooling. This story from Philadelphia magazine has me really wondering what education could look like for my hypothetical children. Malcolm Burnley looks at the growing number of black families homeschooling their kids and the specific ways that race is factored into the decision. "People assumed they were doing it for the same reason as white parents," says Ama Mazama, head of African-American graduate studies at Temple University. Mazama — a prominent voice in the emerging study of alternative education and black homeschooling — found that "racism was interwoven into every reason why they disengaged."

This story from Radiolab about a queer black kid from Kansas who changed the debate team scene just really warms my heart. It is always affirming to hear stories about black kids like me who wind up in really white spaces and somehow make magic despite the shit the world has heaped on them. Also, I kinda wanna be on a debate team now?!

Every woman on TV has the exact same haircut! This article was basically made to trigger a Baader-Meinhof reaction, because you won’t be able to unsee it.