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    Updated on Jul 31, 2018. Posted on Jul 30, 2018

    6 Dorm Room Hacks to Make College Life Easier

    Dorm Rooms are all about optimizing space and keeping yourself sane as you begin to share tiny quarters with a roommate and take on the real world! Are you looking for some dorm room hacks that will make this transition seamless for college students? Here are six products that will make dorm living much easier!

    Keep Your Feet Sanitary with ShowaFlops / Via

    These flip-flops have unique drainage holes, antimicrobials to help protect against bacteria and odors, and soles designed to improve traction on slippery surfaces. Perfect for the dorm bathrooms, Showaflops fashionable and functional flip-flops will have you looking stylish while also keeping the germs away. From flip-flops to slides, choose your favorite style and enjoy dorm life without worrying about the germs or wet soggy flip flops!

    Decorate Without Making Holes in the Wall by Using My Mighty Magnet / Via

    My Mighty Magnet provides a smart and creative solution to display those cherished memories from the high school days or showcase their college friends.

    Easily hang photos, make collages and say goodbye to those space-hogging picture frames and clutter! Simply hang the cable, display the item and place the decorative, super strong Mighty Magnet in place.

    My Mighty Magnet avoids damaging the dorm room walls. By using a command hook, there are no holes in the walls and you’ll never use tape, nails or staples. This leaves the end of the year dorm room walls just like the student found it at the beginning of the year.

    Keep Your Valuables Secure with SAFEGO / Via

    Moving into a dorm room sometimes means you never know who’s coming in and out. Keep your valuables safe with SafeGo! SafeGo is a portable, lightweight safe that you can open using your own 3-digit combination code or with a key.

    No Hot Tools Needed Hairdo with SoCal Curls / Via

    Sharing a bathroom is never fun, especially in a dorm room! Make peace with your roomies by taking some time off of your morning hair routine with this no-heat hair hack! SoCal Curls Hair Tie combines revolutionary low-heat technology with the classic friar tuck. The results are effortless, Instagram-ready curls that require very little time to style (only 30 minutes)! SoCal Curls is the perfect solution to quick and easy hair for busy school mornings. No tangles, no harsh heat, and no chemicals mean healthy, happy, and growing locks.

    Optimize Storage with CleverCrate by CleverMade / Via

    The CleverCrate has been evolving over the years based on the needs of CleverMade’s loyal consumers. With three different models to choose from, the CleverCrate has become today’s top solution for any storage or organization problems! Easy to store when not in use, and sturdy when popped up into position, the CleverCrate can keep your life in order wherever you may need it.

    Add Additional Seating with mimish / Via

    Set yourself up for success this school year with dorm room essentials by mimish! These trendy designs won’t cramp your style or space, offering a place to keep belongings stored away without taking up more room.

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