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Last Minute Baby Gifts on Amazon

Are you last-minute scrambling to find a gift for the new mom in your life? These 5 items are available on Amazon Prime making it easy to get just in time for Christmas!

vintagequeen One month ago

Products to Make NYE Party Hair a Breeze

The cold weather is doing no favors for our hair! Here are some products I've rounded up that will help revitalize your look with glam, luscious locks to ring in the New Year.

vintagequeen One month ago

Gifts For Expecting Moms Under $50

It’s no secret little babies require a bunch of necessary things! With the holidays coming up, it’s the perfect time to shower a mom-to-be with gifts that will make life much easier when the baby arrives.

vintagequeen 3 months ago

Products For Self-Care During The Holiday Season!

Did you know seasonal depression is very real? People get the winter blues for various reasons and that's why it is more important than ever to get a head start on taking care of yourself. These products will help you practice a little more self-care during the holiday season. Your health and happiness and should always come first!

vintagequeen 3 months ago

5 Products Every New Mom Will Want On-Hand

As an expecting mother, I know how important it is to know about the latest products that will help you feel more prepared when the little one finally arrives! Here are some top picks I've tried out that I'd highly recommend for putting SOME of your worries at ease!

vintagequeen 5 months ago

Bachelorette Party Must-Have's To Be The Best MOH Ever

Ready to be the best MOH ever for the bride-to-be? Throw the ultimate Bachelorette Party that will be talked about for years to come with these products. From gifts to favors, these essentials will truly kick things up a notch. No penis straws necessary! ;)

vintagequeen 7 months ago

Products For International Bath Day - June 14

Relax and unwind for International Bath Day on June 14th (and literally any day!) with these luxurious bath products! With these bath essentials, take the time to soothe your body and deserve it!

vintagequeen 7 months ago

Yoga Products For The Whole Family To Get Their Zen On

Not only is yoga beneficial for relieving stress and practicing mindfulness, it's also a great activity to get in some extra family bonding. Studies have stated children who practice yoga improve their memory, self-esteem, academic achievements and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab the whole family and get your zen on together with these products.

vintagequeen 8 months ago

Father's Day Gifts He Wants but Won't Ask For!

Pops, Dad, Papa...whatever you call him, I’m pretty sure he’s already made it known that he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day. We all know there's something he's been itching to get, he just doesn't know about it yet! Here are some gifts he actually wants, but didn't ask for.

vintagequeen 10 months ago

Products For National Employee Appreciation (March 1st)

Show your employees how much you appreciate them by giving them gifts on National Employee Appreciation Day! Studies show satisfied employees drive business results and although a simple gift alone won't suffice, it's a great starting point to show some recognition and appreciation. Here are 8 products that are sure to wow your employees!

vintagequeen 11 months ago

8 Ways To Treat Yourself This Singles Awareness Day!

I don’t know about you but I know the struggle of being single on Valentine’s Day. Luckily, February 15th is our day to shine! Here are some products to help you celebrate national singles awareness day. Treat Yo’ Self!

vintagequeen 12 months ago

Throw The Ultimate NYE Party!

Brainstorming what to wear to ring in the New Year? Hoping to throw the most epic NYE party? Here are some products that will help you host a celebration of your dreams! Now all that is left to worry about is who will be getting that midnight kiss! Happy Hunting ;)

vintagequeen One year ago

7 Last-Minute Gifts For The Animal Love In Your Life

If they have their animal’s portrait hung on every wall, refer to them as their child and manage to work them into every conversation, they are animal obsessed. Here are some purrrfect gift ideas for the animal lover in your life!

vintagequeen One year ago

7 Gifts For Men That Aren't Socks!

Every year it's a head-scratcher for me on what to buy my husband, dad or brother. I really did get my husband some quirky golf socks last year... and well, they were never worn. I can never quite figure out the perfect gift! Thankfully I had some PR teams reach out with suggestions on some gifts for your man that he will actually want... and no, they aren't socks.

vintagequeen One year ago

5 Products That Will Make Every Woman Feel Good And Look Good

There's nothing better than being a woman! Truly. But sometimes the demand to have the perfect body, skin and everything in-between can take a toll. These products are great for every woman to have on-hand to enhance the beauty within and help ease those frustrations with trying to feel good while looking good too!

vintagequeen One year ago

5 Subscription Boxes To Gift Or Keep For Yourself

I can't help it. I am completely OBSESSED with subscription boxes. Something about getting a box on my doorstep full of goodies completely makes my day. The best part about subscription boxes is there are ones catered to even the most unique interests. Here is a round-up of some ideas that will suit even the hardest person to buy for.

vintagequeen One year ago

4 Holiday Wardrobe Essentials For Tweens

Fall is here which means food, family gatherings, and changing leaves. Fall is also the perfect time to get those perfect Holiday card photos. Here are some essentials for the tween in your life to get her photo-ready!

vintagequeen One year ago

5 National Yoga Month Necessities

National Yoga Month is all about raising awareness of the health benefits of yoga. Whether you're a zen master or just there for the savasana, these products will help you celebrate this month. So what are you waiting for? Get out to the park or a local studio! Yogis this is your month to gather friends and share the benefits of yoga and meditation.

vintagequeen One year ago

11 Gifts To Cross Off Everyone On Your List

The holidays will be here before we know it! Instead of waiting until last minute like I normally would, I decided this year to get a head start on researching some meaningful gifts that would fit every type of person on my list. Here are some products that are bound to check off anyone on your Christmas list this year.

vintagequeen One year ago