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10 Tweets Anyone Who's Stepped Foot In A School Will Find Funny

If you think these tweets are funny, just wait until you see how F-ed up this season of TV Land's Teachers is when it returns Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 10/9c.

1. When your students basically, sort of, almost get it.

"My favorite colors are black, yellow and deaf" - the new kid in my class, who also asked to "hesitate" instead of meditate today. Close!

2. When kids prove they'll do anything for an extra 30 seconds of sleep.

props to the kid in my english class who's managing to snore while awake

3. When you discover there isn't a moment that your English language education isn't relevant.

Hey does anyone remember freshman year when our history teacher said “orgasm” instead of “organism” because I still…

4. When the symbiotic relationship between the students and the teacher finally pays off.

tbt when children made me a "Lady Gaga mask" (??????????)

5. When the creativity of children proves to know absolutely zero limits.

Will always admire the kid in my 7thgrade class who used rubber bands to make the toilets flush forever, successfully flooding the bathroom.

6. Like, seriously, these kids get incredibly creative.

one time in algebra my classmate jumped out the window in order to escape math. he was fine & I was impressed at his commitment to nothing!

7. When you fantasize about how you'll go.

Sometimes I think about my Spanish teacher who quit halfway thru the year&on her last day let us push her down a hall in a rolling trash can

8. When you could reprimand a child at 11 a.m. and then gossip with them at lunch an hour later.

Remember when I was a HS librarian and was regularly mistaken for a student?? Once on my lunch break I was yelled a…

9. When boys will be boys!

In 4th grade the boys in my class decided eating paper was cool & eating puke green paper was coolest. Anyway a woman should be president

10. And when, you know, kids will be kids or whatever!

Had to tell a kid I'd keep my hoodie on if she kept her pants on in class today.

Catch all the chaos worth tweeting about when TV Land’s Teachers returns Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 10/9c.