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    • tdaphnev

      WhileIcompletely agree that this young girl needs help,Ihave compassion for her having to deal with either a) mental illness or b) having had suchahorrific childhood, she knows no better.
      I’m not condoning her actions, butIdo really sincerely hope that she gets help.
      Speaking as someone who isasexual abuse survivor who has also been raised inachaotic alcoholic home,Iwonder if she hadasimilar background.Ihad behaved inasimilar (although hadn’t carried it on as long as she did) way whenIwas young, and at the time,Ihad no idea that howIwas behaving was wrong. Itoo did not know how to gageasituation withaguy that involved sex. Again, asasexual abuse survivor AND being raised inafucked up, violent, alcoholic home,Ijust didn’t know about healthy, loving relationships. It took mealong time andalot of hard work to learn about valuing myself (i.e. knowing when it wasagood idea to have sex with someone or not) and honoring boundaries, mine and other’s.
      So how ‘bout we have some compassion and hope she gets the help she obviously needs?

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