How To Milk A Goat In 14 Steps

In order to get the full experience at the Texas Department of Agriculture, our intern was invited to learn how to milk a goat.

Eric Tippit, co-owner of Caprino Royale Dairy Farm with his wife Karen, showed our intern how to milk one of his goats.

Earl Lundquist

1. Put on gloves.

Earl Lundquist

2. Make sure to look nervous.

Earl Lundquist

It puts the goats at ease.

3. Empathize with the goat a little.

Earl Lundquist

“Sorry, friend. I know it’s cold.”

4. Now you have to test the milk. It’s gonna be okay.

Earl Lundquist


5. “It’s all going back up?!”

Earl Lundquist

Have a professional demonstrate.


Earl Lundquist

It turns out you’re supposed to squeeze and roll down.

7. Here’s where it gets tricky. You have to put the auto-milkers on at the SAME TIME.

Earl Lundquist

“Excuse me.”

8. If you get it on the first try, you’re allowed to be pleased with yourself.

Earl Lundquist

Good job, you.

9. Now you wait.

Earl Lundquist

10. Wait some more.

Earl Lundquist

Don’t let the milkers creep back up the teats.

11. Take off the milkers.

Earl Lundquist

Try not to look too crazy as you do it. People might be taking pictures of you.

12. Test the milk again.

Earl Lundquist

Be absurdly happy about it.

13. Disinfect her teats again.

Earl Lundquist

Remember too late that the spray goes upward. Oops.


Earl Lundquist

Goats are amazing.

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