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    12 Superstars With Super Vision After LASIK

    12 superstar athletes who used a legal way to enhance their performance.

    Nowadays, athletes will consume just about anything to improve their abilities to run faster, jump higher and hit harder. And there's a history of some strange performance enhancing drugs that have been used to do just that — all now banned in professional sports; Adderall, deer antler spray and even female fertility pills. These make steroids look so boring.

    What isn't banned, or even frowned upon, that athletes are resorting to now, is LASIK eye surgery. Not just any athletes are turning to LASIK for an advantage against their competitors. The best athletes are — superstars if you will.

    1. Lebron James

    2. Lindsey Vonn

    3. Wade Boggs

    4. Dwyane Wade

    5. Greg Maddux

    6. Tiki Barber

    7. Tiger Woods

    8. Amy Van Dyken

    9. Jeff Bagwell

    10. Dorothy Hamill

    11. Rory McIlroy

    12. Patrick Ewing