20 Signs You Are An International Kid Who Grew Up In Geneva

UN parents, friends across the globe and a love for a huge water fountain, anyone?

1. You get annoyed about the flight prices home around ski season.

2. You’ve taken an ironic Jet d’Eau tourist photo.

3. You’re nonchalant about views like this:

You probably see this on the train home everyday…

4. You’ve been drunk at Post Café…a lot

giphy.com / Via Focus Features

5. And of course Cactus, where your drinking career started at the age of 14

giphy.com / Via MTV

6. You’re bilingual and have friends your age who can speak up to 5 or 6 languages.

giphy.com / Via MTV

7. You know your cheese and chocolate.

8. Living in France and going to school in Switzerland is normal.

giphy.com / Via Paramount Pictures

9. You’ve run the escalade or at least eaten a marmite:

10. You’ve been to Denner to get drinks for Hobo park.

11. You’ve battled through drunk Noctambus rides…

12. And when you’ve missed the bus home you’ve walked it, no matter how far

13. Fondue is your comfort food in winter.

giphy.com / Via Fox

14. You can’t wait for the summer when the city comes alive.

15. You love the Fêtes de Genève.

16. You’ve been to Paléooooo


17. It’s ok to switch languages au milieu d’une sentence

18. No matter where you go people will find your upbringing fascinating.

giphy.com / Via Warner Bros. Television

19. You feel proud to have lived in Geneva.

20. And you feel there some part of you that’s sort of Swiss.

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