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10 Reasons Paléo Festival Is Amazing

What's not to love about a week-long summer festival?

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1. It's set in a huge field outside Nyon, Switzerland, between the Jura and the Alps, so the scenery is breathtaking

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2. You get a whole week of music and festivities for all ages

3. Everything is organised to Swiss perfection - it's clean, efficient and top quality

4. It attracts an international scene of people who come from all over to party hard

5. And you can buy food from pretty much any country in the world at the food stalls

6. The music is an expansive range from reggae to rock, wold music to hip-hop, and ambient to pop...there's always something for everyone

7. The camping is half the fun, everyone is having the best time and there's a loved-up festival spirit 24/7

8. You have access to Nyon's plage to cool off in the summer heat

9. If it's scorching heat or torrential rain - everyone's in it together

10. And of course if you know Paléo, you'll know the communal chorus of BAMBOULÉÉÉÉÉÉ!!!

undoubtably the sound of Paléo freedom.

undoubtably the sound of Paléo freedom.

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