12 Reasons Why Interning Is The Best

Ahhh, the unpaid internship. A right of professional passage. Follow @BitterIntern for more almost professional office angst, and don’t miss Season 2 of Men At Work, all new episodes Thursdays at 10/9c on TBS.

1. Supervisors are always very patient and understanding.

2. The intense workload is great preparation for future employment opportunities.

3. Fellow interns are friendly and fun to work with.

4. Long hours = great experience

5. Meetings are always productive when you're an intern.

6. Interns get to use awesome business lingo.

7. Reviews are always full of constructive criticism.

8. The office is a fun and exciting environment.

9. Interns handle several satisfying projects.

10. Employers are great at taking advantage of interns' skills.

11. Intern duties are always respected.

12. Interns are a well respected staple in the workplace.

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