10 Ways You Can Still Bet On College Basketball

So, you had Georgetown beating Gonzaga in the Finals. Oops. Here are a few ways you can still lose some money and pride this March. Or just throw in the tournament towel and focus on Season 2 of Men At Work, premiering TONIGHT 4/4 AT 10/9c ON TBS.

1. How many times will Dickie V say “BABY” during halftime?

Robert Willett/Raleigh News & Observer / MCT

We’re setting the over/under at 3

2. Animals VS People: Who will be better represented in the Final Four?

Kevin C. Cox, Reuters / Robert Galbraith / Getty Images

3. We haven’t had a stormed court yet, which school will have the first student section to hit the floor?

Lance King / Getty Images

4. Who will sing the National Anthem at the National Championship?

Isaac Brekken / AP

Anyone else pulling for Sugar Ray?

5. Big Heads VS Morph Suits: Pick a side. See who can spot more during a half.

Doug McSchooler, Getty / Justin Edmonds / AP

6. Which mascot will be the first to appear in the time-honored post-madness tradition, “One Shining Moment”?

Isaac Brekken / AP

7. How many times, during any given game, will someone hate on Duke?

Gerry Broome, File / AP

Over/Under set at 3

8. Beer VS Cars: Which commercials will appear more often during halftime?

9. Which color, from below, won’t be featured on any jersey of the Final Four?

If you picked indigo, you automatically lose.

10. Which matchup will be the first overtime game of the tournament?

Richard Berg / Via Flickr: richardberg

Inspired by Men At Work

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