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19 Problems You've Probably Encountered If You Work In Retail

The customer is not always right.

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1. Feeling ignored by every other customer that you greet.


"Hi, how are you today? ... Hi... Oh... Okay..."

2. *halfway through ringing transaction* "How much is it?"

3. Watching someone put something back directly next to where it is actually supposed to go.

4. "How much is this?"


The price can be found on the back. THE PRICE IS ALWAYS ON THE BACK.

5. "Oh wait, I think I have a coupon somewhere!!"


Your coupon expired a year ago.

6. Watching someone drop something and walk away from it like nothing even happened.

7. That one customer who wanders in two minutes before you close and expects you to stay open just for them.

8. "I was at your other store and..."

9. Hearing "I'm not going to shop here again," after explaining the return policy to an angry customer.


Well that works out for the both of us, then.

10. Explaining how the customer should slide their debit/credit card, then watching them slide it wrong.



11. "Can I have a gift receipt?" after the transaction is already done.


Maybe if you asked two minutes ago...

12. "Oh, I don't need a bag" after the item is already in the bag.

13. Leaving a table that you just spent 20 minutes straightening and knowing that when you come back, it'll be a disaster.

14. Accidentally answering your personal phone with the store's phone greeting.

15. Being forced to awkwardly tell a customer that their card was declined.

16. Accidentally greeting your friends like you would a customer.

17. The struggle of always wondering if someone could be a mystery shopper.

18. Black Friday.

19. And last but not least, hearing from non-retail workers that working in retail can't be that bad.

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