17 Signs You Are An Elementary Education Major

It’s not for everyone.

1. When people comment that the job is “so easy,” you accidentally get real defensive.


2. When peer editing a paper in a non-major course, you use red pen and your teacher side comes out.

I can’t help it.

3. You have a collection somewhere of “teacher things.”

And just looking at it brings you so much joy…

4. You basically lose your mind over “teacher stores.”

I want it all.

5. You’ve experienced endless standardized testing debates.

Disney Channel / Via mickeynina.tumblr.com

6. The thought of having your own classroom makes you feel like

NBC / Via giphy.com

7. There’s typically only one or two guys in any of your classes, and all of the girls are just like:

8. Laminating things is a lot more satisfying than it should be.

9. You’ve perfected your “I’ll wait” facial expression.

10. You can’t imagine teaching middle or high school.

Fox / Via giphy.com

11. You’ve spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about how your name would sound as a teacher name.

12. Your friends get so confused when you tell them that you got to finger paint in your art class today.

CBS / Via giphy.com

I’d be jealous, too.

13. You’ve always known that you wanted to be a teacher, and the thought of doing anything else is unfathomable.

Harpo Productions / Via reactiongifs.com

14. You have a Pinterest board dedicated to teaching.

NBC / Via giphy.com

15. You’re constantly on the lookout for children’s books.

Parlophone / Via reddit.com

Gotta get a head start.

16. You sometimes force your friends to let you practice your lesson plans on them.

17. Despite everything, there’s nothing you would rather do.

Paramount Pictures / Via superbgifs.tumblr.com

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