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    • tbccbt

      Don Lemon wants to talk about blacks because he knows he can get away with it. Why can’t he talk about gay men like him problems? How they like to call each other f-g, dress inappropriately by wearing women’s clothing, purses, high heels, wigs, and makeup. How they have babies out of wedlock with women that they are only experimenting with or how they like to marry women and create families all the while sleeping with men on the “Down Low” and bring back disease to their wives. He’d never talk about his gay community problems like that would he lol, he’d be fired on the spot but apparently it’s okay to patronize black people on CNN-live international TV just because it’s coming from a black mans mouth. It’s almost like he does not realize that the manure spewing out of his mouth about black people is being heard around the entire world. It’s no wonder immigrants and people of other countries have messed up views about blacks.

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