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Which Roommate Are You?

Do you actually want to live here?

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  1. Why are you taking this quiz?

    You're that nerdy
    You thought it could be fun
    You made this
    You're not
  2. Your political views are...

    I support gun control
    I'm a Republican
    I miss Obama
    I don't like talking about politics
  3. On the weekends, you wake up...

    7 am
    Around 9 am
    3 pm
    *is actually asleep right now*
  4. When you have friends over, you...

    Try to be respectful about it
    Don't have friends over
    Don't have friends, have sisters
    Don't have friends
  5. What is your roommate superlative?

    Most Likely to Be in Her Room
    Most Likely to Be in Someone Else's Room
    Most Likely to Move Out
    Most Likely to Be at Hillel
  6. What gets on your nerves?

    Dirty dishes in the sink
    Literally everyone here
  7. When your bathroom needs toilet paper, you...

    Take from your bathroom cabinet
    Take from the other bathroom cabinet
    Ask your mom to send more
    Buy it
  8. Rob...

    You've never met him
    You wish you never met him
    You ride the bus with him
    You don't care about him
  9. Describe your dream guy

    A nice Jewish boy
    Logan from Gilmore Girls
    I don't care/Horsehead
  10. When you need to confront your roommate, you...

    Talk to her with attitude
    Talk to her in front of her friends
    Hide in a closet
    Try to defuse the situation
  11. You go to class...

    Always, all 12 credits you're taking
    Always, except when you have class with Brie
  12. Breakfast...

    You cook
    You eat cereal
    You don't eat breakfast
    You're not even awake for it
  13. The one thing you need most in life is...

    3 sources
    More gluten free snacks
    To be away from your parents
  14. What does the word "bread" mean to you?

    A scavenger hunt
    Street floor ____
    A waste of time
    Something I can't eat
  15. If you saw a box of bread on Route One, what would you do?

    Take it home (all 40 pieces)
    Take pictures of the moon
    Walk away
  16. If you were a Brita, what would you be?

    Completely empty
    On Taylor's wall
  17. If you were a plate, what would you be?

    In the dishwasher
    In the garbage
    In Lindsey's room
    In the cabinet where it belongs
  18. On the weekend, you...

    Go bowling
    Go out with Republican friends
    Go out or sleep
    Go home
  19. If you were a Sesame Street character, who would you be?

    Ho ho ho I'm Big Bird
  20. What is your relationship with your mother?

    She picks you up from the bus but doesn't want you home ever
    She comes when you have bed bugs
    I'm the clone who sometimes plots her death but understands she cannot destroy her creator/original
  21. What is your catchphrase?

    One for me, one for you
    We need milk
    Hey guys!!!
  22. Goes to the store for lettuce, comes back with...

    Little Potatoes
  23. What is your Hebrew name?

  24. It's your birthday. You...

    Have a party
    Go out with your friends
    Do nothing because it's break
    Wish it was any of the other 364 days of the year
  25. After dinner is cooked, you...

    Hope Lindsey will put the food away
    Remind Lindsey to put the food away
    Forget to put the food away
    Leave the pots and pans on the stove for days

Which Roommate Are You?

You got: Taylor

You're the best. Great job!

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You got: Lindsey

High five!

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You got: Brie

Who cares?

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You got: Becky

Mazel tov!

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